Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Without getting to wordy let’s discuss what Land is and what we think of when we realize Land is important as-water and air to all species on earth.  We look at land and think of a thousand different uses from the time we are born, until the time we leave this Land.

Now let’s move on to my passion with Real Estate and Land in particular.  We use the Land  for our life pursuits of all things life, we use for the basics of Land for shelter, food, and just survival.  We work, play, and just enjoy looking at the beauty of the land.  I am not going to go into the chemical make of the earth we live on, but just think of what we extract from Mother Earth to make our lives possible.

What we do with Land is everything, from the mountains were our water is born and runs on top or underneath as groundwater. This simlfies were water comes from but it al goes back to the Land  and without these two ingredients plus air we have no life.

This brings us to what we do as a people with Real Estate or (land). We improve it and we destroy it, both very important to civilization. Let’s hope we learn from destroying it we need to restore it also. I guess when I think of these two things, I start thinking of what we do with it from mineral extraction to improve it to the extent that the price of Land is so valuable from the locations we have created that only huge corporations can afford it for what ever purpose the need is for.

Land becomes very political and we have governments telling what we can and do with our land I use the term to include both private an public land.  This I believe to be both good and bad, we need some structure here or there would be chaos.

My paticlar interest in land comes from the farm and ranch, and has developed in to much more, including commercial and Investment uses of  real estate. My education never stops and has become what  I call Western Land .

What ever your use for Real Estate is for I can help you obtain your goal, I am interested in investing in the right properties for my own portfolio and if I can help in in obtaining your goals, would be very interested in helping as a consultant or representing you has a Buyer Broker.