Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Investment West

Investment West

Sign of the Times

With this edition of Sign of Times I am still trying figuring out where we are with Real Estate, not much has changed since my first post in February of this year, with our country's government in such disarray, investors and home homeowner a like are not sure what they should be doing.

I am right there with everybody else trying to figure out what the next move should be. The one thing I do believe times will get better and if you find that home or investment property you want at the right price, then do it. Do not expect any help from banks to help you purchase any thing that is speculative, or any thing else for that matter, but mortages can still be had if you can put up with the pain. The plain truth is I think we are looking at three to five years before we see much of a recovery.

So until next time or I have something figured out or the government comes up with some sound policies we can all guess what the right move is, there is a lot money out there it just doesn't know where to go.